17th century 18th century
18th Century 
Qing Export Punch Bowl with Mechants Ready to Embark, 1755
Qing Plate with Musicians, c.1720
Famille Rose Porcelain Plate "lady", 1723-36
Qing Plate with St. Ignatius Loyola, 18th century
Qing Plate with Judgement of Paris, c. 1780
Tea Caddy Set in Pewter Container, 18thc
Painted Enamel Jar, 18th century
Export Enamel Jar, 1736-95
Export Enamel Jar "potichi", 18th century
Figure "European Merchant with a Monkey" , 1662-1722
Figure "Western Merchant", 1710-26
Figure "Dutch Girl", 1736-1795
17th century 18th century