Technique Subject Style
Figurines of European
European Merchant 
with a Monkey, 1662-1722
Western Merchant, 1710-26 Dutch Girl, 1736-1795
Since most Chinese domestic ceramic figures in 17th and 18th century were associated with mythology or religion, these porcelain human figures were probably made at the request of European merchants, especially the Dutch. Many of these figure types were directly copied from original European ones made in Delf, Meison and other locations. 
Utensils with European Content
Plate with Arms of Limburgh, 1662-72 Plate with Musicians, c. 1720 
Punch Bow with Merchants Ready to Embark, 1755 Plate with St. Ignatius Loyola, 18th century
Plate with Judgment of Paris, c.1780  
These plates were Chinese-made export wares. With the expansion of porcelain trade, European merchants were no longer satisfied with Chinese designs. They brought paintings and engravings for the Chinese to copy. The combination of high Chinese porcelain qualities and European decorations made this type of porcelain very popular on the European Market. 
Technique Subject Style