Middle East

  Renaissance Anonymous
  Charles V; Francis I; Henry VIII & Suleyman.
  16 c Renaissance
  Chambord. Chateau de Chambord.
  exp02006.jpg-MidEast 17 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Vittore Carpaccio
  St. Stephen Preaching in Jerusalem (with Moslems).
  15-16 c Renaissance
  Paris. Louvre.
  exp02011.jpg-MidEast 18 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Vittore Carpaccio
  St. Stephen Preaching in Jerusalem. Detail: Moslem women.
  15-16 c Renaissance
  Paris. Louvre.
  exp02012.jpg-MidEast 19 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Gentile Bellini school
  Recognition of the Ambassador Domenico Trevisano at Alicatre.
  c. 1450-1499 Renaissance
  Paris. Louvre
  itr01029.jpg-MidEast 20 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Andrea Mantegna
  Adoration of the Magi.
  c.1500 Renaissance
  Malibu. J. Paul Getty Museum.
  exp03048.jpg-MidEast 21 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Baroque Anonymous
  Two Orientals. Detail.
  17 c Baroque
  Belgium. Brussels.
  Urbino. Galleria Nazionale delle Marche. Ducal Palace.
  exp03077.jpg-MidEast 22 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  The Rug Merchants.
  1887 Romantic Realism
  Minneapolis. Art Institute.
  spa01043.jpg-MidEast 23 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Rudolf Ernst
  The Reader.
  19th c Romantic Realism
  Nantes. Beaux Arts.
  spa01049.jpg-MidEast 24 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Spanish Anonymous
  20th c Realism
  Cordoba. Spain
  In situ
  spa01046.jpg-MidEast 25 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  August Migette
  Massacre of the Jews at Metz.
  19 c Romantic
  Metz Museum.
  spa01053.jpg-MidEast 26 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Renaissance Anonymous
  Bust of a Turk.
  1529 Renaissance
  Metz. Musée de Metz.
  exp02005.jpg-MidEast 27 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Egidius Sadelen
  Meclté Kuli. Turkish ambassador to Vienna.
  Beg. 1605 Baroque
  Vienna. Historisches Museum.
  exp02007.jpg-MidEast 28 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Jean Antoine Watteau
  Seated Persian.
  Late 17-early 18 c Rococo
  Paris. Louvre.
  exp02008.jpg-MidEast 29 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Renaissance Anonymous
  Clock with a mounted pasha.
  c.1580-1590 Renaissance
  Vienna. Kunsthistorisches Museum.
  exp02009.jpg-MidEast 30 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Frans Francken II
  Allegory in Honor of Abbas I Shah of Iran. Detail: Measuring globe.
  Late 16-17 c Renaissance
  Perigord Musuem.
  exp02010.jpg-MidEast 31 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Frech Anonymous
  Entry of Joseph Bauffremont Prince of Lislemois into Smyrna Turkey on 26 Septem
  2nd half 18 c Realism
  Paris. Musée de la Marine.
  exp02016.jpg-MidEast 32 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

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