The Orient

  Street Scene in Chinatown New York.
  c.1910-1925 Ash Can School
  United States.
  Philadelphia. Philadelphia Museum of Art.
  exp04096.jpg-Orient 145 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Early Edo Anonymous
  Life around Capitol II. Detail.
  Late 17 c Early Edo
  Seattle Art Museum.
  jpn02059.jpg-Orient 146 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Late Edo Anonymous
  Large house (marketplace?) in perspective.
  1736 Late Edo
  Paris. Museé Guimet.
  jpn02084.jpg-Orient 147 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Ando Hiroshige
  Sudden shower over the Shinohash Bridge.
  1857 Late Edo
  Chicago Art Institute.
  jpn02094.jpg-Orient 148 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Ando Hiroshige
  Rainbow at Takanawa.
  1858 Late Edo
  Cornell University Museum
  jpn02095.jpg-Orient 149 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Yoshi Chikamolin
  Emperor Menji & ladies of the court.
  1887 Meiji
  San Francisco. Legion of Honor.
  jpn02098.jpg-Orient 150 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Japanese Modern Anonymous
  Wedding kimono.
  1938 Showa
  Portland. Oregon Historical Society Museum.
  jpn02099.jpg-Orient 151 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Japanese American Anonymous
  Camp Artifacts
  1942-43 Folk
  Western Relocation Camp. Tule Lake ?
  Portland. Oregon. History Museum
  jpn02100.jpg-Orient 152 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

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