Indies & Polynesia

  German Anonymous
  Salt Cellar
  late 16th c Renaissance
  South Germany
  London. British Museum
  met01025.jpg-Indies 33 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Austrian Anonymous
  spoon of Shell and silvergilt
  c. 1550 Renaissance
  London. Victoria & Albert Museum
  met01026.jpg-Indies 34 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  English Anonymous
  Salt Cellar in Shape of an Eagle
  c. 1570 Renaissance
  London. Victoria & Albert Museum
  met01027.jpg-Indies 35 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Jacob Miller
  Ostrich of Nautilus Shell
  end 16th c Renaissance
  Augsberg, Germany
  Amsterdam. Rijksmuseum
  met01028.jpg-Indies 36 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Dutch Anonymous
  Nautilus Shell Cup
  c. 1600 Renaissance
  Vienna. Kusthistorishe Museum
  met01029.jpg-Indies 37 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Christof Straub
  Standing Cup with Trochus Shell. Silver gilt
  c. 1580 Renaissance
  South Germany
  London. Victoria & Albert Museum
  met01030.jpg-Indies 38 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Endris Degen
  Triton shell Cup
  1580-83 Renaissance
  Vienna. Kusthistorishe Museum
  met01031.jpg-Indies 39 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Isaak Melperger
  Triton Shell Cup.
  1592 Renaissance
  Vienna. Kusthistorishe Museum
  met01032.jpg-Indies 40 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  German Anonymous
  Nautilus Shell cup Supported by an African
  1660-70 Renaissance
  Munich. Schatzkammer
  met01033.jpg-Indies 41 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Objects from a Curio Cabinet.
  17th c. Miscellaneous
  Amsterdam. History Museum
  met01034.jpg-Indies 42 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  German Anonymous
  Ostrich Egg Reliquary
  1410-20 Gothic
  Munich. Schatzkammer
  met01045.jpg-Indies 43 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Clement Kirkinger
  Ostrich Pokal
  1570-75 Renaissance
  Vienna. Kusthistorishe Museum
  met01046.jpg-Indies 44 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Spanish Anonymous
  Bezon mounted with silver gilt
  1st half 16th c. Renaissance
  Vienna. Kusthistorishe Museum
  met01047.jpg-Indies 45 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Evert Williams
  Coconut Beeker
  1610 Renaissance
  Amsterdam. Rijksmuseum
  met01049.jpg-Indies 46 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Georg Pfrundt (1603-63) school
  Rhino Horn Cup with Diana
  mid 17th c. Baroque
  Vienna. Kusthistorishe Museum
  met01050.jpg-Indies 47 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  German Anonymous
  Rhino Horn with Lovers and Animals
  3rd qt. 17th c. Baroque
  South Germany
  Berlin. Museum of Applied Arts.
  met01051.jpg-Indies 48 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

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