Indies & Polynesia

  J.M. Dinglinger
  Obelisque Augustalis. Det.
  Before 1722 Rococo
  Dresden. Albertina. Grunegewolb.
  met00008.jpg-Indies 65 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Joseph Howes of Bristol.
  Admiral Vernon Taking Charge in the West Indies.
  1740 Baroque
  United Kingdom.
  Cambridge. Fitzwilliam Museum.
  exp01071.jpg-Indies 66 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Anonymous English
  English/Delft ware. Bombardment of Chagres Castle by Admiral Vernon in 1740.
  1740 Chinoiserie
  Bristol. England.
  Gloucester. City Museum & Art Gallery.
  exp03085.jpg-Indies 67 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  British Anonymous
  Siamese twins exploited by Henry Walrond & Edward Phillips.
  c.1680 Baroque
  Brislington. England.
  Cambridge. Fitzwilliam Museum.
  exp02061.jpg-Indies 68 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Anonymous Indian
  Chintz bed counterpane.
  c.1760 Indian Export
  Williamsburg. DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Gallery.
  exp03079.jpg-Indies 69 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Anonymous Indian
  Cotton hanging embroidered in silk.
  Late 17-Early 18 c Indian Export
  London. Victoria & Albert Museum.
  exp03081.jpg-Indies 70 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Anonymous Indian
  1750-1775 Indian Export
  Coramandel Coast. India.
  London. Victoria & Albert Museum.
  exp03083.jpg-Indies 71 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  French Anonymous
  Chambre a l'Indienne (bed with fabric).
  18 c Rococo
  Chambord (Loir-et-Cher). Chateau de Chambord.
  exp02060.jpg-Indies 72 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Gilbert Stuart
  Mary William Clymer with East Indian Turban.
  1797 Romantic
  United States.
  Philadelphia. Portrait Gallery.
  exp02017.jpg-Indies 73 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Mughal Anonymous
  Polo Game.
  1770-1780 Mughal/Oudh
  Berlin. Staatliche Museen.
  exp02052.jpg-Indies 74 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Zair al Din
  Dwarf Flying Squirrel hanging from a Kurn tree.
  c.1780 Mughal
  Calcutta. India.
  San Diego. San Diego Museum of Fine Arts.
  exp02053.jpg-Indies 75 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Indian/ British Anonymous
  Lady Eyre Coote Album. Tightrope Walker.
  c.1780 Indian/ British
  San Francisco. California Palace of the Legion of Honor.
  exp02055.jpg-Indies 76 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Indian Anonymous
  Theatre Presentation.
  End of 18 c Indian/ British
  India. Jaipur.
  Berlin. Staatliche Museen.
  exp02054.jpg-Indies 77 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  William Fraser
  Fraser Album. First 5 Recruits to Enlist.
  1815-1816 Colonial
  Washinton D.C. Freer Gallery of Art.
  exp03020.jpg-Indies 78 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Tilly Kettle
  Muhammad Ali Khan; Newab of Ascot.
  1770 Colonial
  London. Victoria & Albert Museum.
  exp03019.jpg-Indies 79 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  British Colonial Anonymous
  Robert First Earl of Lytton. Viceroy to India.
  1876-1880 British Colonial
  England. Krubworth House.
  exp02057.jpg-Indies 80 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

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