Haiti Beaded Cloth to Erzulie
Since ancient times, African peoples have cherished and appreciated beaded works. Beads made of various materials shape color and size help tribal cultures with religious worship. It is the common thread that most tribal cultures, "share a belief in symbolic design as well as a profound mythic sensibility and intimacy with the spirits (Gillon, 30)." From this we get a glimpse of what art shares with its family and cultural world. It is quite clear that from Haitian African religion is captured within Haiti beadwork.

Erzuli is a voodoo name for the moon Goddess of love and motherhood. With in the figure of Erzuli on the flag we see a heart in the middle and on either side are two daggers. The Heart in the center of the Haiti Flag is said to represent the Sacred Heart of Jesus. "The flag testifies to the impossibility of fixed origins, of a single historical narrative, of an exclusive genealogy" (Wyrick, 9). Erzuli the moon Goddess is represented on many different ceremonial objects that are beautifully adorned with beadwork.

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