Nok Head
Nok society was located in present-day Nigeria around 500BC to about 200AD. Terracotta or fired clay figures created by Nok sculptors are the earliest known sculptures found in sub-Saharan Africa. The terracotta sculptures linked with Nok society indicate the earliest form and style of sculpting found in sub-Saharan Africa.

This Nok head fragment was once part of entire body. Although this piece is no longer attached to a body, viewing other Nok works that remain intact shows that the heads of Nok pieces are consistently proportionally large relative to the bodies. Therefore, we may say that this Nok head may also be proportionally large relative to its lost body. The Nok heads unearthed are so individual that it is possible they were sculpted independently rather than cast from a mold. Most of the time, the additive process is used to create terracotta sculptures. Many of Nok pieces, however, were formed by the subtractive technique such as carving. (JK)

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