Children Children

In the Heian period, the ratio of child's death was high. Therefore, polygamy might be effective to leave a descendant by the multiple wives and to make it clear to know whose child he or she is by having only husband.

In the Tale of Genji, a child who was born between Genji and his lawful wife was expected to become an emperor, or simply was supposed his or her future is bright because the dad is Genji. However, if the child was born by a misconduct, he or she must have carried the fact in the lifetime.

Here, Genji tenderly cradles the infant Kaoru, thought by the world to be his son, but actually his lover, Onna-San-no-Miya's another lover, Kashiwagi's.

Child by misconduct

In the Edo period, because of learning to be a good wife such as Onna-Daigaku (Learning for Women), it was hard for women who had an affair outside.


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