Ideal Appearence Ideal Appearence

The Heian Period
The ideal of feminine beauty especially among the Heian court women are:

- Whitened skin
- Shaved and re-painted eyebrows
- Small, rose-bud mouth
- Blackened teeth (to accent white skin)
- Very long black hair


The Edo Period
In contrast that the Heian court ladies used to wear their hair long, the Edo women made simple knots with their hair. In the early Edo period, there were three basic styles:

1. Karawa-mage is the easiest and oldest style.  Make a pony tail and curve it.

2. Hyogo-mage is a development of the karawa-mage: more vertical and higher.

3, Shimada-mage is another variation of the karawa-mage, which is curved to the side. 

They were very influenced by kabuki actresses' hairstyles. Also, it became impossible for women of the samurai class to be without makeup even in front of their families and husbands; the culture of hiding the face spread the custom of using makeup. In the Edo period, even common women began blackening their teeth and shaving and repainting their eyebrows. As we can see in ukiyo-e, a small mouth was considered to be beautiful.

A woman putting white powder on her neck

edo woman