Jealous to Genji's Other Women Jealous to Genji's Other Women

Jealousy was believed to arise from spiritual evils, and culturally, men and women were encouraged to erase
the emotion from their hearts, no matter what it cost or how much it shackled their psychological health.

In the Tale of Genji, Genji was allowed to have multiple lovers under polygamy and conducted sideline
relationships with concubines and mistresses with discretion.
On the other hand, that were women who had to keep jealousies of the Genji's other mistresses inside themselves.

One of Genji's lovers, Lady Rokujo, was so intensely jealous of Genji's wife that she left her body spiritually in order to possess and physically kill her female rival. Lady Rokujo also died, but her jealous spirit lingered to haunt Genji's women.@

These images depict the car accident between the groups of Lady Rokujo and Lady Aoi. The aggressive attitude by Aoi's side hurt Lady Rokujo so much that she lost a control of her intense emotion. Then the love toward Genji changed into animosity toward his wife, Aoi.

Aoi vs. Rokujo Aoi vs. Rokujo

Another episode of jealousy in the Tale of Genji involved Yugiri and Kumoi-no-Kari.
Yugiri's wife, Kumoi-no-kari was jealous when he spent time with Kashiwagi's widow, the Second Princess. She scolded him for coming home late as she nurses a fretful baby.

Here, Yugiri reads the letter from his lover's mother, Miyasu-Dokoro, and Kumoi-no-kari tries to take if from him, misunderstanding he is reading a love letter from his lover, Ochiba-no-miya.

Kumoi-no-kari & Yugiri

This is the same scene from a latter version of the Tale of Genji written during the Edo period, "Nise Murasaki Inaka Genji."

Kumoi-no-kari & Yugiri


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