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About Asian Gateways
Who are we and what are we working on?

Asian Gateways is a Portal Website in the making.

East Asian subjects covered:
Art History
Contemporary Perspectives

The site will consist of papers and content written
by San Jose State University scholars, for middle,
high, and university students.

The Goal:
Allow students an opportunity to showcase well-written papers
Heighten interest in Asian subjects, particularly art
Demystify East Asian Culture for Western Students

What does this website include?
Search Engine
Korean artists focusing on Feminism and Confucianism
Contemporary perspectives for and by Asian Americans

Whose project is this?
Maureen Jann, a senior Digital Media Arts
Student working with Susan Otto, has dedicated her senior
project to Asian Gateways through incorporating student work with
her own. She is coordinating the call for original papers from
students along with advising the Art History and Multimedia
course in the Fall of 2001 on the Asian subject matter.
Taught by Dr. Kathleen Cohen, the Art History and Multimedia
course has produced useful interdisciplinary web resources.
Visit some of these at:




)) Visit Dr. Cohen's other
education based sites at:


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