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by Danita Fleck
San Jose State Graduate Student

Books & Periodicals

  1. Clark, John, editor, "Chinese Art at the End of the Millennium" (2000)
  2. Cotte, Holland, "Inside Out: New Chinese Art" exhibition review, New York Times, December 12, 2000
  3. Doty, William and Hynes, William J., editors, "Mythical Trickster Figures: Contours, Contexts and Criticisms," (Mercer University Press)
  4. Fei Dawai, "Twenty Chinese Artists: At Home and Abroad (review of 1999 Venice Biennale)"
  5. Hai, Willow Weilan, "Animals of the Chinese Zodiac"
  6. Hou Hanru, editor, " Chinese Type Contemporary Art"
  7. Li Zi "Urban Personality and Contemporary Art"
  8. Lu Peng "90's Art China" (Hunan Fine Arts Publishing)
  9. Minford, John, "Favourite Folktales of China" (Beijing: New World Press, 1983)
  10. Sai Yeh, "Folk Tales from China" (Peking: Foreign Language Press, 1960)
  11. Siu Wang-Ngai, "Chinese Opera: Images and Stories," with Peter Lovrick (UBC, 1997)
  12. Wu Ch'eng-en, "Monkey," translated by Arthur Waley (Grove, 1943)
  13. Wu Hung "Exhibiting Experimental Art in China" (2000)
  14. Zhu Qi, "Visions of China (CNN In-Depth Special)"




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