Reconciling Femininity and Confucianism is an extraordinary exhibition reflecting the rapidly changing nature of the times and places in which people of the world live today.

It examines the traditional roles and beliefs that have both enhanced and restricted peoples lives for centuries and presents challenging new ways of viewing and assessing links to the past and future. Along with the conceptual framework and the contemporary artistic solutions presented in the exhibition, it is worthwhile to think for a moment of the context of the show itself as an expression of some traditions, virtues, wishes, and our own times. Linda Inson Choy, the curator, is a graduate student finishing her master degree in Art History at San Jose State University. The six women artists, all, like Ms. Choy, are of Korean descent. The Montalvo Gallery is sponsoring the show.

Villa Montalvo was the summer home of the first Senator from California, James Duvall Phelan. Phelan, himself the son of an immigrant to the region, left his home for the development of art, literature, music and architecture by promising students. The Villa now hosts the oldest artist residency program in California, lively venues for the performing and visual arts, and an arts education program reaching thousands of young students. Villa Montalvo is located in Saratoga, CA, a residential area of Silicon Valley, arguably one of the world economic and creative centers, an international magnetic attractor for cultural and economic change. How apt that Reconciling Femininity and Confucianism came into being at this time and place through a convergence of people, institutions, energy, education, creativity, and opportunity.

Robert Milnes, Director
School of Art and Design
San Jose State University