Paris Worlds Fair 1867,
   Pavilions for Exposition Champ de Mars

   This image shows how the fair 
   ground of 1867 international 
   exhibition looked like. The 
   construction of Paris exhibition 
   buildings started from a large 
   hall built for the 1855 
   exhibition and lots of other 
   structures built during the 
   following years. To 1900, 
   buildings of various styles were 
   erected. Most of the structures 
   used for specific functions were 
   built by other countries, but 
   the general-purpose buildings 
   were all constructed by the City 
   of Paris and of course, all 
   their architects were French. 
   Almost all the buildings made by 
   foreign architects were removed 
   after the exhibition. Since 
   these exotic buildings didnât 
   last for long, the influence 
   they had to the architecture of 
   Paris was very little. There are 
   some exhibition building left, 
   but the original design of them 
   are altered over the years and 
   didnât affect even the area 
   surround them. Buildings shown 
   here no longer exist.