The Carrousel Arch

   The construction of this 
   triumphal arch started the same 
   year as Arc de Triomphe (1806) 
   and was finished in the 
   following year. It was certainly 
   of Roman inspiration, 
   considering the two architects, 
   Percier and Fontainâs, earlier 
   studies in Italy and Napoleonâs 
   taste for elaborate triumphs. 
   Interestingly, the emperor did 
   not like the design very much. 
   Perhaps its relatively small 
   sizes didnât make it a monument 
   that Napoleon had always been 
   interested in. Regardless of its 
   size, the Carrousel arch does 
   form part of the perspective 
   axis. It is at the east end of 
   the Champs-Elys*es, adjoining 
   the garden of Tuilerie.