Arc de Triomphe

   Standing on the western summit 
   of the Champs-Elys*es, out on 
   the horizon at the top of the 
   Chaillot hill is the largest 
   triumphal arch in history, the 
   Arc de Triomphe. Built by J.A. 
   Raymond and J.F.T. Chalgrin from 
   1806 to 1830, it is the first 
   important monumental arch in 
   Paris since the 1670s. The great 
   size of the arch was chosen 
   partly because of the impact 
   would be much more stronger for 
   its elevated position. The upper 
   part of the arch was designed as 
   an attic and heavily emphasized 
   to prevent it from appearing to 
   lean backwards or to fade into 
   the clouds, and the giant 
   statuary and huge relief panels 
   maintained the proportion. Since 
   the 17th- century, the 
   Champs-Elys*es the most 
   grandiose and potentially 
   symbolic urban perspective in 
   Europe with a length of over a 
   mile, rising gently on an 
   increasing gradient until its 
   eventual disappearance into the 
   clouds. Napoleonâs decision to 
   mark the end of the vista with a 
   great monument was very much in