Special Thanks to:

To Dr. Kathleen Cohen, who inspired us to work on the fascinating topic of 19th Century Paris. She also provided us with guidance in organizing our information on Naturalist, Impressionist, and Post Impressionist artists--into "Breaking Away from the Academy". The source for the pictures by artists included in this website are from her vast collection of artwork that Dr. Cohen has catalogued over the years. You can access this collection at http://worldart.sjsu.edu/KIOSK/MainMenu.htm

Specific Thanks to:

  • Ho-Zung Chou (April ) for being a great webmaster for our project.
  • Allison van Benthuysen and Nora Raggio, responsible for editing the content of the entire website.


  • Cindy Ahuna, Ho-Zung Chou (April ), Nora Raggio


  • Caillebotte and Pissarro, Ho-Zung Chou (April )
  • Monet and Renoir: Anna Shih
  • Manet and Morisot: Allison van Benthuysen
  • van Gogh: Kam Lau
  • Cassatt, Degas, and Lautrec: Nora Raggio
  • The Naturalists: Cindy Ahuna


  • Cultural: Japanese--Kam Lau; America--Nora Raggio
  • Technology: Trains and Bridges--Ho-Zung Chou (April ); Photo--Nora Raggio with help from Cindy Ahuna


  • Entertainment: Nora Raggio
  • Open Air: Impressionism/Post Impressionism--Anna Shih
    Open Air:
    Naturalists--Cindy Ahuna
  • Urban Scenes: Ho-Zung Chou (April )
  • Women's World: Allison van Benthuysen and Nora Raggio