Cheret (1836-1932)

Jules Cheret was one of the first artists to create lithograph posters. Cherets reputation as the father of the colour lithographic poster was created by his innovative use of lithography for his posters. Cheret's formal training in art started with acquiring apprenticeships with lithographers from the age of 13. He created his first Poster, OrphŽe aux Enfants in 1858. This poster was for composer Jacques Offenbach. These commissions led Cheret to open a commercial colour lithographic shop in Paris. Throughout his career he created over a thousand posters designs promoting a variety of products, performances, theatres, nightclubs and journal exhibitions. As well as designing a great number of posters Cheret also created paintings, pastels and murals.

LĠArce-en-Ciel, 1893. This was a poster for a performance of the ballete-pantomime LĠArce-en-Ciel at the variety theater Folies-Bergere. It is a lithograph in five colors and measures 121 x 83 cm.

Vin Mariani, 1894. This poster was an advertisement for the wine Vin Mariani. It is a lithograph in four colors and measures 118 x 82 cm.