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Chopin was born in Zelazowa Wola, a small city near Warsaw, Poland. He was a son of French emigrant and polish mother. Chopin was born a child prodigy. Chopin created a new genre's of music. When he was seven, he used the form of the Waltz compositions to create a Minute Waltz. One example is the Polonaise, Polish dance that was transformed into a ball-room composition. He played his first public concert at age seven.

Chopin started to become famous in Warshaw, however, he left his country due to the uprising of the Russian domination. While leaving in Paris, he supported himself as a piano teacher and pianist for the fashionable social classes of Paris. His music was considered romantic by the elite.

In 1837, Chopin met the Mme. Aurore Dudevant, a novelist who preferred the alias name of George Sand. This was a unhappy and tragic relationship and became the most devastating part of Chopin's life. In1847, they broke up. Chopin was so unhappy, he continued to compose, but became ill and suffered from tuberculosis. Quickly he became to ill to work and died on October 17, 1849, at age 39.

Chopin was most famous for his technical importance, his operetta innovations, and new harmonious forms of originality.

Abridged list of compositions:

Concertante works
• Andante spianato et Grande Polonaise brilllante
• Fantasie sur des airs nationaux polonnnais
• Krakowiak Nocturn in B-Flat Minor Op 9-1
• 'La ci darem' Variiations
• Piano Concerto No. 1
• Piano Concerto No. 2

• Hulanka
• Moja pieszczotka

Chamber music
• Op. 65 in G minor - 1845 to 1846
• Op. 8

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