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Louise Weber gained the name La Goulue because of her huge appetite. She would drink the glasses from tables she happened to pass. She wasn't a friendly person and didn't care what the audience thought of her. She was a foul-mouthed, arrogant bully. The audience liked her because she was a break from all the continuous smiling women. In her private life, she was sexually drawn to women.

She was a excellent dancer who showed confidence and strength. Her complexion was admirable, but nothing else about her physical appearance was beautiful. She had a small hooked nose, a tiny red mouth, and cold blue eyes, which combined to create an ugly women.

La Goulue wasn't known for her looks; she was known for her dancing abilities. She possessed an ingrain sense of rhythm. It appeared as if she felt the music, and she danced with complete passion. The audience enjoyed her, and Toulouse-Lautrec was entranced by her. He wanted to use her as a model, but she wouldn't let him. She danced with a man named Jacques Renaudin.

Jacques Renaudin was nicknamed Valentin le Desosse. La Goulues success was owed to him. He met her when she was young and was inspired by her, so he directed, taught, and performed with her. He could perform difficult contortions with incredible grace almost as if he was boneless. He would move from position to position with astonishing beauty. Interestingly, Renaudin was never paid for dancing because he loved to do it and refused pay.

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