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Lucile Grahn was born in Copenhagen on June 30th, 1819. After first being introduced to Ballet by her father at the age of four, she knew that she wanted to be a dancer. At age seven, she was permitted to face the public for the first time as Cupid. In 1835, she created the leading role of Astrid in Bournonville's Valdemar, became the first Danish Sylphide in 1836 and appeared as Quitteria in the first performance of Bournonville's Don Quixote in 1837. She ran into some discontent with the Royal Theatre and found her advances rejected and turned against her. The following summer she returned to Paris and succeeded in making her debut on Pas de deuz. Shortly after she agreed to create the leading role in the new ballet, Le Diable amoureux, she twisted her left knee during rehearsal. She was out of dancing for two years before she was able to resume her career. Many thought that she turned her back on Paris after her recoverey and was never to dance in Paris again.

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