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Yvette Guilbert was born Emma Laure on January 20, 1865. She started singing at the age of five. She would imitate the cafe-concert singers, and at the age of sixteen, she became a model. When she turned twenty, she went into drama with the stage name Yvette. She loved art and literature, so she went to museums, read Stendhal, Voltaire, and Balzac, and attended theatre. She performed one night at the Chat Noir and was noticed by Toulouse-Lautrec.

After the Chat Noir performance, she worked at the Moulin Rouge where she turned her songs into mini dramas. She began to perform at more prestigious venues in 1891, and by 1893, she acquired English and American fans. In 1906, she performed at Carnegie Hall. She was a singer and actress whose professional career spanned four decades. She was born in the time of cafe-concerts, she learned in cabarets, and finished her career in music halls.

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