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Stravinsky wrote the Rite, which left a mark in Western music.

After Stravinsky wrote the Chinese opera, The Nightingale, he turned his musical attention to chamber and the piano works.

Due to World War I, Stravinsky moved to Switzerland. He was not to return to Russia until 1962, although his works from 1914 to 1918 are almost exclusively concerned with Russian folk tales and songs. In 1938, he moved to the United States Here his style changed from neo-classic to the twelve-note technique of Schoenberg. Stravinsky was a innovative composer with changing styles and was described as the musical counterpart of Picasso.

Stravinsky composed music until his eighties. He died in New York, on April 6.

Abridged list of works by Igor Stravinsky

  • Le Sacre du Printemps, The Rite of Spring, Ballet - 1913
  • Le Rossignol, The Nightingale, Opera after Hans Christian Andersen - 1914
  • Chant du Rossignol, Song of the Nightingale, Symphonic Poem, After Acts II and III of the Opera Le Rossignol, 1917
  • Mavra, 1 Act Opera after A. Pushkin, 1822
  • Oedipus Rex, Opera-Oratorium after Sophocles/Cocteau, 1927
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