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The name Taglioni was not unfamiliar to the dance world in Paris. Marie's father, Filippo Taglioni, was a dancer at the Opera. Born on April 23rd, 1804, she loved to jump and feel almost unaware of the ground practicing 2 hours a day. She later was to perform in on July 23rd,1827 to revolutionize the way ballet was looked at. Single handedly started the golden age of romantic ballet in Paris. Marie was very difficult and made demands on the Opera management, but because of her success, they had no choice but to give in to her. When she returned to the West she continued to dance with great success until her retirement. She settled on her estate near Venice, but because of her father's misuse of her money, she became bankrupt and was forced to teach ballroom dance and deportment in London and Paris. Marie died in Marseilles, France, in poverty in 1884.

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