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Danita Fleck holds a B.A. in Art History and a B.A. in Biology from Knox College (Galesburg, Illinois), and an M.B.A. in Marketing from Lewis University (Romeoville, Illinois). Currently, she is working on a M.A. in Art History at San Jose State University. Danita performed much of the research for the social classes website, primarily the chronology, development and characteristics of the upper, middle and lower social classes, focusing particularly on the roles of men and children of each class. She also edited many of the images selected from the San Jose State University WorldArt database. She has also studied art at Northwestern University (Evanston), the School of the Art Institute (Chicago), the Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago), the Terra Museum of American Art (Chicago), the Chicago Conservation Center, the Field Museum of Natural History (Chicago), and the Linguaviva Scuola d’Italiano (Florence, Italy). She has over 15 years of experience as an information technology professional. Danita is an intrepid world traveler, award-winning watercolor artist, professional inline skating instructor, amateur photographer, and member of Mensa. Contact Danita at

Linda Inson Choy was born in Gongju, South Korea and immigrated to the United States in 1974. She attended Mills College in Oakland, California and graduated with a BA in art history. She is currently completing her MA in contemporary Korean art history from San Jose State University. Since graduating from Mills College, she has worked as Curatorial Assistant for Korean Art, at the Asian Art Museum, Chong-moon Lee Center for Asian Art and Culture in San Francisco. In her capacity as Curatorial Assistant, she has helped to coordinate exhibitions of Korean art, including Profusion of Color: Korean Costumes and Wrapping Clothes of Choson Dynasty, Alienation and Assimilation: Contemporary Images and Installation from the Republic of Korea, and Vessels of a Culture: Ceramics of Korea. She also served as staff docent and community liaison for Fragrance of Ink: Korean Literati Paintings of the Choson Dynasty exhibit at the University Art Museum at the University of California at Berkeley. Contact Linda at

The Design & Implementation

Maureen Jann is a user interface designer for the web, she has been involved in professional web design for nearly two years. She as been interested and active in computer technology since 1992. Currently she is a student at San Jose State University studying under the art department as a Digital Media Arts major. Along with certification in Graphic Design through the Regional Occupational Program (Morgan Hill, CA) Maureen currently holds an Associates of Art in General Education (Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA) and is enthusiastically looking forward to finishing her bachelors degree (expected December 2001). She enjoys swimming, dancing to new-fangled music, and her priveledges as a non-minor. Maureen Jann designed the look and feel of the site, helped organize information on the site supplied by content providers (information architecture), and helped create a user interface which is aesthetic, highly functional and easily navigatable. Secondary to the actual process of building the site, she provided technical assistance in matters of the web page building and web graphics editing to other members of the team. For more information or other samples of her work send an email to

The Photographs

Katheleen Cohen, Professor of Art History, San Jose State University, has granted permission for the use of all copyrighted images from the WorldArt database.

Dr. Kathleen Cohen is an art historian with special interest in computer applications to art history and in strategies for teaching the basic art history survey courses. She began her work in the area of Medieval European art, but during recent years she has become interested in the integration of the arts of world using technology. She has worked in the areas of vidoedisc, multimedia, digital image databases, and broad band on-line telecommunications and has served as project director for a number of projects in these areas.

Dr. Cohen has written the Study Guide for Gardner's Art Through the Ages as well as articles on art history and technology and a book on Medieval and Renaissance tomb imagery, Metamorphosis of a Death Symbol. She is currently developing a digitized database of art historical images she has taken around the world.

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