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In response to requests for larger images for classroom use, we are licensing high-quality jpegs and tiffs. While the free images on the WorldImages site are relatively small and highly compressed, the jpegs available for licensing are larger and approximately 3.5 to 5 megs each, with tiffs 12 to 20 megs. Cataloging meeting professional standards (VRA Core) in Excel format is included.

Contact: Dr. Kathleen Cohen cohen@email.sjsu.edu
California State University IMAGE Project

WorldImages licenses your institution to utilize the images and text provided for classroom and associated uses that include the following:
Storage on image servers and networks used by your staff, students, and/or faculty
- Projection in classrooms
- Manipulation, including altering and cropping of images
- Use in student and faculty papers and websites
- On-line use for distance education associated with your institution
- Printing for posters & brochures associated with your institution

The license shall be for a single campus or multi-campus system. It is perpetual, non-transferable and non-exclusive.
Copyrights are retained by the copyright holders and your institution should include the name of the copyright holder in any documents where this is appropriate.
You may not:
- Give away, sublicense or grant rights to any person or organization without written consent of WorldImages.
- Use the images or their derivatives for commercial purposes. (Images may be licensed singly and at additional cost for such purposes.
- We do not hold model or property releases. The onus is on you to obtain permission where rights may be at issue.

You shall indemnify WorldImages for all legal action and /or costs associated with any claim against your use of images from WorldImages.
December 6, 2010