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Cover thumbnail for CA 10.9 Developments in Post-WWII World CA 10.9 Developments in Post-WWII World

Students analyze the international developments in the post-World War II world.

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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
United Nations Building.   LE CORBUSIER   Glass; steel; stone  c. 1946-1960 
Secretaries General of United Nations: Boutros Boutros Galli (1992-96) and Kofi   IRANIAN Anonymous   wool  c. 1996-1999 
Secretaries General of United Nations: Kent Waldheim (1972-1982) and Javier Pere   IRANIAN Anonymous   wool  c. 1996-1999 
Secretaries General of United Nations: Trygue Lie (1946-53); Dag Hammerskjold (1   IRANIAN Anonymous   wool  c. 1996-1999 
Check Point Charlie.   GERMAN Anonymous     c. 1960-1989 
Last Russian Flag to fly over Berlin.   COMMUNIST Anonymous     c. 1945-1950 
International Congress. Communist Poster.   COMMUNIST Anonymous     1954 
Soviet Poster.   COMMUNIST Anonymous     1974 
Soviet Poster.   COMMUNIST Anonymous     c. 1970 
Sports Race.   SOVIET Anonymous     c. 1950-1959 
Worker and Collective Farm Girl.   MUKHINA, Vera Ignat'evna     c. 1937 
Young People and Flag.   Myhin; Atibayov; Pedyenko   Bronze  1951 
Moscow Bread.   MASKOV Il'ja Ivanovic     1904 
Two Lushes.   SOVIET Anonymous     1964 
Holiday in a Collective Farm. Detail: Portrait of Stalin.   PLASTOV Arkady     c. 1937 
Stalin - That's Freedom.   SOVIET Anonymous     1952 
Nikita Khrushchev's tombstone at Novodevechiy Cemetery.   NEIZVESTNYI Ernst     1974 
Anti-American Poster.   COMMUNIST Anonymous     c. 1950 
Anti-Papal Poster.   COMMUNIST Anonymous     c. 1945-1970 
Free Wahlen. NATO; with Konrad Adenhauer. Poster.   GERMAN Anonymous     c. 1945-1970 
Friend Go Home. Anti-American Communist Poster.   SHAW Elizabeth     1950 
Pest-Ridgway in Western Europe. DDR. Moscow. Poster.   KUKRYNIKSY     1952 
Liberation Committee for the Total Sacrifice. Anti-Soviet Poster.   PETERS Franz     1952 
Unity Poster.   GERMAN Anonymous     1957 
Vorsicht RIAS Gift (Caution RIAS Poison).   SOVIET Anonymous     1952 

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