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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Necklace.   INDUS VALLEY Anonymous   semi-precious stones  c. 2300 BCE -1700 BCE 
Trading letters.   BABYLONIAN Anonymous   Terracotta  c. 1750 BCE 
Tomb of Scribe Ounsou. Shipping grain.   EGYPTIAN XVIII DYNASTY Anonymous     1570 BCE-1293 BCE 
African Products. Tribute to King: Gold; Ebony; Baboons; etc   EGYPTIAN XVIII DYNASTY Anonymous     c. 1400 BCE 
Tomb of Sebekhotep. African tribute bearers offering gold.   EGYPTIAN XVIII DYNASTY Anonymous   Painted plaster  c. 1400 BCE 
Tribute from expedition by Rameses II into Lower Nubia. copy   EGYPTIAN NEW KINGDOM Anonymous     c. 1297 BCE-1213 BCE 
Yakshi   KUSHAN DYNASTY Anonymous   Ivory  c. 100 BCE-79 CE 
Treasure of Begram. Ivory relief of a woman.   KUSHAN DYNASTY Anonymous   Ivory  1-300 
Treasure of Begram. Glass fish.   ROMAN IMPERIAL Anonymous   Glass  1-200 
Treasure of Begram. Painted glass.   GREEK HELLENISTIC Anonymous   Glass  1-200 
Tomb objects; Korean jewelry; Roman glass.   KOREAN Anonymous   Glass  400-499 
Buddha.   NORTHERN WEI DYNASTY Anonymous     5 c 
Funeral monument. Merchant shipping wine.   GALLO-ROMAN Anonymous     1-99 
Roman Ship & Amphoras for Wine.   ROMAN Anonymous     199 BCE-1 BCE 
Treasure of Begram. Coin mold with youth in a Macedonian helmet.   GREEK HELLENISTIC Anonymous   Plaster  100-300 
Treasure of Begram. Roman Weight: Bust of Athena.   ROMAN IMPERIAL Anonymous   Metal  3 c 
Oil Amphoras from shipwreck.   ROMAN Anonymous   Earthenware  200-400 
Ship carrying Wine Amphoras.   ROMAN Anonymous   Marble  100 BCE-200 CE 
Wine ship with six rowers, bos'un, and helmsman; portion of a grave monument fro   ROMAN LATE ANTIQUE Anonymous     c. 300-310 
Western peddlers.   TANG DYNASTY Anonymous   Earthenware  700-800 
Camel with baggage.   TANG DYNASTY Anonymous   Terracotta  c. 618-900 
Camel with Saddle.   TANG DYNASTY Anonymous   Glazed earthenware  c. 690-750 
Camel & driver.   TANG DYNASTY Anonymous     700-750 
Fatil Album.Bridal Procession.   MONGOLIAN Anonymous     2nd half15 c 
Fatih Album.Bridal procession. Detail.   MONGOLIAN Anonymous     1500-1600 

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