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Latrine seat.   EGYPTIAN MIDDLE KINGDOM Anonymous     1799 BCE-1700 BCE 
Palace of Minos.Drainage system.   MINOAN Anonymous   Stone  1625 BCE-1400 BCE 
Knossos Palace.Water Channel.   MINOAN Anonymous   Stone  c. 1600 BCE-1400 BCE 
Bathtub from Temple of Aphrodite.   THRACIAN Anonymous   Earthenware  c. 575 BCE-550 BCE 
Amphora. Women swimming.   ANDOKIDES PAINTER     525 BCE - 520 BCE 
Kylix. Man vomits into a vessel while boy holds his head.   BRYGOS PAINTER     c. 500 BCE-c. 450 BCE 
Kylix. Hetaira urinating in a kotyle.   FOUNDRY PAINTER     c. 500 BCE-c. 470 BCE 
Comb.Battle scene.   GREEK CLASSICAL Anonymous   Gold  c. 499 BCE-400 BCE 
Kylix. Women washing feet.   DOURIS     480 BCE-470 BCE 
Woman at her toilet.   BARCLAY PAINTER   Earthenware  c. 460 BCE 
Ludovisi Throne.Woman bathing.   GREEK CLASSICAL Anonymous   Marble  c. 460 BCE-450 BCE 
Kylix. Women Washing. Detail.   GREEK RED-FIGURE Anonymous     c. 450 BCE 
Red-Figured Krater. Bathing scene.   PAINTER OF THE LOUVRE CENTAUROMACHY     c. 440 BCE 
Stamnos. Girls Washing.   POLYGNOTOS   Teracotta  440 BCE-430 BCE 
Mirror. Bath scene.   ETRUSCAN Anonymous   Bronze  c. 350 BCE 
Athlete with strigil. Frontal view.   GREEK CLASSICAL Anonymous   Bronze  c.340 BCE -330 BCE 
Venus at the bath.   PRAXITELES   Stone  c. 350 BCE 
Courtesan with comb & mirror.   GREEK HELLENISTIC Anonymous     c. 99 BCE-1 BCE 
Paten with Venus at her toilette. Esquiline Treasure.   ROMAN LATE ANTIQUE Anonymous   Silver  c. 350-399 
Woman at Her Toilette.   ROMAN PROVINCIAL Anonymous     c. 100-399 
Woman at Her Toilette. Detail: Servant with mirror.   ROMAN PROVINCIAL Anonymous     c. 100-399 
Ceremonial lekanis (foot bath).   GREEK CLASSICAL Anonymous   Marble; Polychromy  325 BCE-300 BCE 
Ceremonial lekanis (foot bath). Detail: Interior.   GREEK CLASSICAL Anonymous   Marble; Polychromy  325 BCE-300 BCE 
Forum Baths, Pompeii: interior of calidarium (hot bath).   ROMAN REPUBLICAN Anonymous     100 BCE-79 CE 
Pig sty and latrines model.   HAN DYNASTY Anonymous   Terracotta  1st c BCE-80 CE 

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