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Worker and Collective Farm Girl.   MUKHINA, Vera Ignat'evna     c. 1937 
Tzarina Putting Peter the Great under Protection of the Virgin During Revolt of   STEUBEN Charles     1827 
Graph of Pig Production.   KOMAR & MELAMID     1972-1974 
Laica & the Space Ship.   KOMAR & MELAMID     1973-1974 
Construction Workers.   CHEPEK     1960 
Nikita Khrushchev's tombstone at Novodevechiy Cemetery.   NEIZVESTNYI Ernst     1974 
Invasion. World War II.   SOVIET Anonymous     c. 1950-1959 
Not as Strong. A Devil as he is Drawn. (Hitler)   KYCRINISKI     1942 
Look! (Hitler)   KYCRINISKI     1942 
Interrogation.   DEYNEKA Aleksandr     1933 
The Defence of Petrograd.   DEYNEKA Aleksandr     1928 
Hero of Socialist Work: The Hero Mother   KOBALEV Aleksandr A.     1949 
Stalin - That's Freedom.   SOVIET Anonymous     1952 
Petrograd.   LOPYKOV B.M.     1953 
Lenin.   SEROV Vladimir Aleksandrovic     1962 
Monument to V.I. Lenin.   SOVIET Anonymous     1927 
Bust of V.I. Lenin.   SOVIET Anonymous     1965 
Street poster: Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge.   EL LISSITZKY     1919 
Red Cavalry.   MALEVICH Kazimir     1928-1932 
Peasants.   MALEVICH Kazimir     1928-1932 
Bedtime for Brezhnev. Detail.   OSMOND Watson     1980 
Bedtime for Brezhnev.   OSMOND Watson     1980 
Grand Duchess Olga with wounded soldiers.   RUSSIAN Anonymous     1914 
Communist Medals.   RUSSIAN Anonymous     c.1940-1989 
Peter the Great (The Bronze Horseman).   FALCONET Étienne Maurice     1783 

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