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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Amber Amulets.   GERMANIC Anonymous     c. 7500 BCE 
Decorated amber.   NEOLITHIC Anonymous   Amber  2500 BCE-2300 BCE 
Vase with inscription: Matan an Offering to my Lady Elat.   NEOLITHIC Anonymous   Earthenware  c. 1600 BCE-1200 BCE 
Cylinder Seal with Bull and Script. .   HARAPPAN Anonymous   Stone  c. 2600 BCE-1700 BCE 
Oracle bones. Qi wen: scapulimancy.   SHANG DYNASTY Anonymous     1400 BCE-100 BCE 
Oracle bones. Qi wen: scapulimancy.   SHANG DYNASTY Anonymous     1400 BCE-100 BCE 
Oracle bone.   SHANG DYNASTY Anonymous   Bone  1400 BCE-100 BCE 
Oracle Bones: 'Qi Wan' scapulamancy.   SHANG DYNASTY Anonymous   Bone  c. 1300 BCE-1100 BCE 
Zhangyue Maio Temple.Stele: original and copy.   ZHOU Anonymous     300 BCE 
Pictograph stele.   ZHOU Anonymous     c. 1000 BCE 
Round Seals from Uruk and Modern Impressions.   SUMERIAN Anonymous   Stone  c. 3000 BCE 
Tablet with inscriptions & geometric shape.   SUMERIAN Anonymous     c. 3000 BCE-2000 BCE 
Tablet & envelope.   SUMERIAN Anonymous   Terracotta  2900 BCE-2600 BCE 
Cuneiform tablets.   SUMERIAN Anonymous   Clay  c. 2900 BCE -c. 2340 BCE 
Map of the World.   NEO-BABYLONIAN Anonymous   Clay  c. 700 BCE-500 BCE 
Planisphere.   NEO-ASSYRIAN Anonymous   Clay  c. 668 BCE-627 BCE 
Cyrus Cylinder.   ACHAEMENID Anonymous     559 BCE-539 BCE 
Copy of Inscription of Xerxes at Mt. Alvand near Hiamadan.   RAWLINSON Sir Henry Creswicke     1835 
Seated Gudea. Detail of inscription.   NEO-SUMERIAN Anonymous     c. 2144 BCE-2124 BCE 
Gudea of Lagash dedicated to God Ningishzeda.   NEO-SUMERIAN Anonymous   Diorite  c. 2120 BCE 
Tablet of Ur-Nammu (Temple of Innana at Uruk) and Tablet of Shulgi (Temple of Di   SUMERIAN Anonymous   Earthenware  c. 2112 BCE-2047 BCE 
Tablet with school text.   NEO-SUMERIAN Anonymous     c. 1800 BCE 
Cuneiform tablets.   NEO-SUMERIAN Anonymous   Clay  c. 2000 BCE 
Akkadian cylinder seal.   AKKADIAN Anonymous   Stone  c. 2100 BCE 
Seal. Hero protects flocks.   SUMERIAN Anonymous   marble  2500 BCE-2334 BCE 

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