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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Figure riding a dog.   KONGO PEOPLES Anonymous   Wood & textile  19 c 
Papal Palace.Hunters & dogs.   MATTEO DI GIOVANETTI DA VITERBO     14 c 
Papal Palace.Young men with falcon.   MATTEO DI GIOVANETTI DA VITERBO     14 c 
Shepherd & sheep   ROMAN IMPERIAL Anonymous     c. 200-299 
Alexander Spotswood Payne & John Robert Danbridge Payne & their nurse.   PAYNE LIMNER     1790-1800 
Ceramic watch dog.   HAN DYNASTY Anonymous   Earthenware  206 BCE-220 
Banquet. Fresco.   ETRUSCAN Anonymous     c. 600 BCE-500 BCE 
Sybrand de Flines & Family. Detail: Son with pineapple & other exotic plants.   WEENIX Jan     1680 
Vezelay. La Madeleine. Central portal. Dog-headed people.   FRENCH ROMANESQUE Anonymous   Stone  c. 1130-1140. 
Chartres Cathedral. N transept. Socle figures under Judith & Joseph. Dog & b   FRENCH HIGH GOTHIC Anonymous   Stone  c. 1235 
Tapestry of wool shearing.   NETHERLANDISH RENAISSANCE Anonymous   Textiles  c. 1500 
Lady with the Unicorn tapestry. A Mon Seul Desire. Detail.   FRENCH RENAISSANCE Anonymous   Wool & Silk  c. 1500-1510 
Livre de la Chasse.Hunting dogs.   FRENCH GOTHIC Anonymous   Vellum  1300-1399 
Base of Kouros.Seated youths watching a cat & dog fight.   GREEK ARCHAIC Anonymous   Stone  c. 510 BCE 
Hydria. Herakles & Cerebrus.   GREEK ARCHAIC Anonymous     c. 600 BCE-500 BCE 
Selinunte, Temple E. Diana and Acteon.   GREEK CLASSICAL Anonymous     c. 460 BCE-440 BCE 
Girl with a cat making a garland.   KULMBACH Hans von     1508 
Altar of the Dominican Church.Enclosed Garden with Mary & the unicorn.   SCHONGAUER Martin   Wood  c.1479-1480 
Adam & Eve. Detail: Cat & hare.   DÜRER Albrecht   Ink on Paper  1504 
Venus of Urbino. Detail: Dog.   TITIAN     1538 
Eleonora of Gonzaga. Detail: Dog.   TITIAN     1520-1576 
Palazzo Ducale. Camera degli Sposi. Detail: Hunting dogs.   MANTEGNA Andrea     1465-1474 
Christ at Emmaus. Detail: Girl with dog.   VERONESE   Oil  c. 1550-1588 
Animal caricatures. Detail.   TOBA Sojo   Ink on Paper  c. 1120-1140 
Equestrian Archery Drill. Shooting dogs from horseback.   EDO Anonymous     c. 1640 

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