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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Tribe of Asyut.   EGYPTIAN MIDDLE KINGDOM Anonymous   Wood  2124 BCE - 1786 BCE 
Man nursing from Tree Goddess.   EGYPTIAN NEW KINGDOM Anonymous     1500 BCE-1400 BCE 
Head of Ethiopian philospher Mannon.   ROMAN IMPERIAL Anonymous     160-170 
Negro child.   ROMAN Anonymous   Marble  1-200 
Nubian piper.   COPTIC Anonymous   Wool  200-400 
Head of a black man.   RUBENS Peter Paul     c. 1600-1640 
Moorish Chief.   CHARLEMONT Eduard     c. 1800 
Theatre Signs with Rap.   FRENCH Anonymous     1993 
French Rum Bottle with Black Man.   FRENCH Anonymous   Glass  c. 1700-1799 
Head of a Black Man.   MEROITIC Anonymous     c. 125 
Tomb relief. King Amanitenmomide with Isis.   MEROITIC Anonymous     c. 60 
Temple relief. God Apedemak.   MEROITIC Anonymous     c. 225 BC 
King Aramatelgo Gobel Barkal.   NUBIAN Anonymous     c. 550 BCE 
Temple of Hatshepsut. Palm Tree & House relief.   EGYPTIAN XVIII DYNASTY Anonymous     c. 1450 BC 
Profile of Akhenaten. Relief study.   EGYPTIAN AMARNA PERIOD Anonymous   Limestone  c. 1350 BCE-1340 BCE 
Head of Queen Tiy (Tiye).   EGYPTIAN XVIII DYNASTY Anonymous   Yew wood; Silver; Gold; Faience  c. 1355 BCE 
Kantheros with Heads of Herakles & a Negro.   VATICAN CLASSICAL PAINTER     c. 499 BCE-400 BCE 
African boxers.   ROMAN Anonymous ?   Earthenware  200 BCE -1 BCE 
Africa Mural.Diffusion of Knowledge Among Men.   MACKAY William Andrew   Pigment  1935 
Ethiopian boy.   ROMAN IMPERIAL Anonymous   Bronze  c. 1-199 
Vase with head of Black Man.   ROMAN IMPERIAL Anonymous   Terracotta  c. 100-299 
African Products. Tribute to King: Gold; Ebony; Baboons; etc   EGYPTIAN XVIII DYNASTY Anonymous     c. 1400 BCE 
Kantheros with Negro Head.   VATICAN CLASSICAL PAINTER     c. 499 BCE-400 BCE 
Ethiopian Fighting a Crocodile.   GREEK Anonymous     350 BCE-300 BCE 
Negroid Heads from La Venta.   OLMEC Anonymous     c. 1500 BCE-500 BCE 

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