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Keep a personal list of new words as you meet them. Here are a few that appear in the text of this website.


cast &emdash; To form (molten metal, or liquid plaster or plastic, for example) into a three-dimensional shape by pouring molten metal, liquid plaster, or other material into a mold. An impression formed in a mold or matrix is also a cast. Some techniques are hollow casting and lost-wax casting.

tapestry &emdash; a carpet with designs made by colored threads that are colored before the carpet is woven. Many are designed to tell a story or glorify an event. In the days before central heating, tapestries that hung on the wall of the castle rooms to helped provide insulation and keep the heat in.


Web Sites
A good web site collection is an important tool for knowledge explorers! Keep a personal list of favorite and useful web sites on the Internet and a few notes about each. Click on the underlined words to access sites in this starter list:

A&J Ramch (Milpitas, CA) sponsors a page called Links to Equine Sites to the Web as well as list of San Francisco Bay Area stables.

Artlex Dictionary of Visual Arts terms and techniques Definitions for more than 3100 terms. Includes visuals and explanations of techniques.

Big Sky Bronze Foundry provides information and photos of bronze casting as well as services and products.

Directory: Kids and Family: Schoolhourse: Science: Animals: Mammals: Horses

International Horse Museum and Kentucky Horse Park
here to access an extensive site that includes horse history, art exhibits, events, information on horse breeds (select from more than 85 by name, continent or country), and many additonal links.

Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Program sponsored by the Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) includes many photos of horses that are being offered for adoption and explains the program for controlling populations of ferral horses and burros.

Information about horses and related art can be acquired through both fiction and nonfiction books, illustrations, and other printed materials. This is a sampler or starter list.

Fehér, Gyorgy. 1996. Cyclopedia Anatomicae. New York: Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers. Illustrated by András Szunyoghy. Over 1500 illustrations of humans and other animal figures for the artist.

Seth-Smith, Michael (Ed). 1978. The Horse in Art and History. New York: Mayflower Books. A collection of 19 chapters by various experts in history and art, focusing on horses from different cultures and ages.

Stubbs, George. Anatomy of the Horse. Dover

How to Draw Animals


(interesting places to go to see horses)


(examples of people who work with horses or are experts)

Image Information


Art Media

Green Jade horse head

This small figure was carved in China within the period 206 to 220 BCE in the Han style. It is on display in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England. © Kathleen Cohen

Haniwa Horse

4th-7th c Japanese Kofun. This ceramic piece was made sometime between 300 and 600 CE (AD) in Japan in the Kofun style. It is part of the collection of the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University, Ithica. © Kathleen Cohen

Galloping Horse (actually pacing)

2nd c Chinese Eastern Han. Sculpture. Anonymous (25-220) Accession #:chi01051. Photo © Kathleen Cohen.

Photograph series

Muybridge. Photograph © Kathleen Cohen


In Motion

Equine Technology

Cart with Horses

English Sculpture
Repository: Amiens. Musee de Picardie.
Photograph © Kathleen Cohen Accession #:brm02092

Chariot & horseman Detail on Amphora-krater. (shows reins on two horses)

13th c BCE Mycenaean Ceramics
1300-1250 BCE Cyprus.
Repository: Amsterdam.
Universiteitsmuseum DeAgnietenkapelAmstserdam
Photograph © Kathleen Cohen Accession #:slk01003