Technique Subject Style
Figurines of Chinese
German "Budai Pagod", c.1765 German "Audience of the Emperor of China", c. 1766
German "Chinese figurines", c. 1775
From the beginning of the Chinese ceramic trade, Chinese figures fascinated Europeans. The exotic Chinese Pagods and costumes became one of the subject matters of European ceramics. In the 18th century ceramic artists from Germany, England and Vienna created many magnificent lifelike porcelain figures. The original Chinese figures were one of their inspirations. 
Utensils with Chinese Scene
Nederlandish Wig Stand, 1674-87 French pitcher, 1725
French Wine Cooler French "Tray with Rhinoceros", c.1750
English Lattice work dish, 1750-65 English Orientalized Platter, 1765
The above potteries are limited examples of using original Chinese scenes on imported porcelains, or recreating Chinese scenes. It was this fascination with the Chinese culture that drove the European Chinoiserie genre. 
Technique Subject Style