Out of Africa

  1920s Cubist
  New York. Museum of Modern Art
  mod00001.jpg-Africa 113 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Spoon Woman
  1926 Surrealism
  Chicago. Art Institute
  mod00002.jpg-Africa 114 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Baulé Anonymous
  Helmet mask.
  late 19th c. Baulé
  Cote d'Ivoire. West Coast. Africa.
  New York. Museum of Modern Art.
  Afr01011.jpg-Africa 115 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Bamana Anonymous
  late 19th c. Bamana
  Mali. Western Sudan. Africa
  New York. Metropolitan Museum.
  Afr01011.jpg-Africa 116 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Fang Anonymous
  Early 20 c Fang
  Gabon Africa
  Kansas City. Nelson-Atkins Museum.
  Afr01011.jpg-Africa 117 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Kota Anonymous
  Ancestor reliquary.
  late 19th c. Kota
  Gabon. Africa
  Bordeaux. Museé Aquitaine.
  Afr01011.jpg-Africa 118 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Naum Gabo
  Constructivist Head #1
  1915 Constructivist
  Frankfurt. Stadische Museum
  mod00004 .jpg-Africa 119 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Pablo Picasso
  Costume Designs for "Parade"
  1917 Cubism
  Paris. Picasso Museum
  mod00005.jpg-Africa 120 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

  Pablo Picasso
  Woman by the Sea
  1929 Cubism/Surrealism
  Africa 121 © Kathleen Cohen 1998
  Private Collection. Mexico

  Henri Laurens
  La Grande Musicienne
  1938 Cubism/Surrealism
  Africa 122 © Kathleen Cohen 1998
  Zurich. Kunsthistorische Museum

  The White Negress
  1928 Cubist
  Chicago. Art Institute
  exp05038.jpg-Africa 123 © Kathleen Cohen 1998

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