Love Affair in the Tale of Genji Love Affair in the Tale of Genji

Who was a Match Maker?

How did Genji know his lover and begin the relationship?
In the Tale of Genji, the help of the princess's servants, Nyobo, played an important role to make her princess and Genji come close. Servant women brought the love letters from Genji to the princess and even brought Genji into the princess' bedroom. Also, their gossip worked well to make men get an interest in and choose their mistress. When their princess reached marriageable age, they spread this rumor on purpose.


Genji often peeped through a curtain at princesses who were playing instruments or were at play and fell in love. Kaimami (peeping) was not a bad thing. Noble women did not show their faces to people outside their families. Therefore, peeping was necessary to see her face for men before men started a relationship.

Genji peepingGenji peeping Genji Peeping Utsusemi



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