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Mycerinus (replica).

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Mycerinus (replica).
25th c BCE Egyptian Egyptian Old Kingdom Dynasty IV Sculpture

EGYPTIAN OLD KINGDOM Anonymous (c. 2755 BCE - 2255 BCE) Primary
c. 2500 BCE
25th c BCE
Egyptian Old Kingdom Dynasty IV
Portrait Bust
Egypt. Africa.
Hayward CA. CSU East Bay Art Gallery.
"Mycerinus built the third and final pyramid at Giza. His reign is said to have been benevolent and prosperous. Herodotus said of him: ìof all the kings who ruled Egypt...the greatest reputation for justice...and for this the Egyptians give him higher praise than any other monarch.î Many statues of Mycerinus survive. This is a happy fact because in these statues we can see the birth of monumental Egyptian sculpture. The formalized naturalism that became the hallmark of Egyptian sculpture has the appearance of having developed ìout of the blue.î Sculpture that suggests the divinity of humans and the humanness of divinity did not begin until the time of Zoser in Dynasty III. What was done in Dynasty IV is astonishing, especially when we consider there was little precedent to draw on. The achievement is comparable to the ìGreek Miracleî many centuries later, when Greek sculpture developed from an archaic style to classical naturalism in a very short period of time. The shape of this statue of Mycerinus is strongly symmetrical. The general appearance is life-like, but formal, royal. The proportions are convincing. The face and fists are firm. The left foot is extended. These elements would be typical of Egyptian sculpture for centuries."

Caption: "EGYPTIAN Anonymous | Mycerinus (replica). | c. 2500 BCE | Egyptian | Egyptian Old Kingdom, Dynasty IV c. 2500 BCE | Institute for Aesthetic Development. Brentwood CA. Text copyright-Lanier Graham | glob7-127"

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