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Web of Art 15: African Interactions

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L. King Anlamani C. Sphinx of King Taharqa. R. King Aramalego.
7th-6th c BCE Nubian Napatan Period Sculpture

KUSHITE Anonymous (c. 900 BCE - 2nd c BCE) Primary
c. 620 BCE-550 BCE
7th-6th c BCE
H:381 cm.
Granite gneiss
Napatan Period
Sudan; Egypt.
L. Boston. Museum of Fine Arts. C. London. British Museum R. Berlin. Bode Museum
However, the tables turned when the Nubians conquered Egypt and ruled from 767 to 656 BCE. In the 8th century BCE mercenaries from Nubia had been invited into Egypt to help quell rebellious nobles. After successfully pacifying the nobles, the troops simply stayed. Their rulers became known as the 25th Egyptian Dynasty. The conquering Nubians, now known as Kushites, adopted Egyptian styles, as we see in these three examples of their kings. On the left is King Anlamani, shown standing in rigid frontality as Egyptian rulers had been for two millennia. However, the small round cap that he wears marks him as Kushite. In the center the powerful pharaoh TAHARQA, who ruled from 690-664, is depicted as a royal sphinx. On the right Aramatelgo is shown as a seated Osiris, ruler of the dead. All three of the images were found in Djebel Barkal, a sacred center established by the powerful Kushite rulers in Nubia. These images demonstrate the Nubian adoption of Egyptian styles, which was extremely widespread during the Kushite empires. The rulers considered themselves to be representative of the gods on earth, as had the older Egyptian pharaohs. They believed themselves to be the heirs of the ancient pharaohs and they marked their royalty by the use of the ureaus, the sacred serpent, but they doubled the symbol. They also believed that they had been chosen to reestablish the respect for Maat, the Egyptian personification of truth, order and justice. King Anlamani wears her feather as part of his crown.

Caption: NUBIAN Anonymous |L. King Anlamani C. Sphinx of King Taharqa. R. King Aramalego | c. 620 BCE-580 BCE | Nubian | Napatan Period | ┬ęKathleen Cohen |
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