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Web of Art 15: African Interactions

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Kathleen COHEN (Fresno CA, 1933 - ) Primary
AFRICAN INTERACTIONS: STUDY GUIDE 1. Identify the following: Aesop animism apartheid Benin Dogon God's Wife griot hajj Ife jihad King Taharqa Kuba Mansu Musa Nok Oba Queen Mother of Benin Queen of Punt Queen Tiye or Tij Sundiata Tuareg 2. List three early 20th century artists who were influenced by African sculpture: a.___________________ b.__________________ c._________________ Briefly describe its influence: 3. What was the purpose of African Secret Societies? List two functions of the Poro and Bundo societies: a. b. 4. What is the function of an African Power Figure? 5. What was the general function of African masks? 6. What is the significance of the Ancestors for most African villagers? List two stylistic features of Dogon sculpture as seen in the ancestor figures shown on #17? a. b. 7. Where is Nubia? What was it called by the ancient Hebrews? 8. List two characteristics of Nubian ceramics: a. b. 9. What was the destination of the expedition sent by Hatshepsut that is portrayed on her temple tomb? 10. List three products that the Egyptians imported from Black Africa? a.___________________ b.__________________ c._________________ 11. When did Egypt rule over Nubia? When did Nubia rule over Egypt? 12. List three types of figures that Nubian kings adopted from the Egyptians: a.___________________ b.__________________ c._________________ List two features of the that are typically Nubian: a.___________________ b.__________________ 13. What is meant by "matrilineal" succession? 14. Nubian soldiers were famed for their military skills. List three countries which they served as mercenaries: a.___________________ b.__________________ c._________________ 15. What was the basis of the wealth of ancient Ghana? List two sources of our knowledge of ancient Ghana: a.___________________ b.__________________ 16. Who was the first Emperor of Mali? During which century was the Empire at its height? How did its size compare to Europe: List two cities of the empire: a.___________________ b.__________________ 17. Two cultural traditions mixed to create the architecture of Timbuktu and Burkino Faso. What were they? a.___________________ b.__________________ 18. What was the economic effect of the hajj made by Mansu Masa? 19. What was the relationship between Leo Africanus and Leo X? 20. Briefly describe the relationship between Africa and Europe indicated by the following: Black Magus on #50 Ivory salt cellars on #52 Portuguese man of # 54 Crucifix on # 55 21. What was the importance of the "Golden Stool"? How did the Africans incorporate western objects into the symbolic system it signified? 22. Give two adjectives that describe the style of Ife figures like the one seen on #60: a.___________________ b.__________________ When were Ife figures thought to have been made? 23. Briefly describe the lost-wax technique: 24. List two ways in which the Benin Court style differed from the style of the Ife: a. b. What was the primary purpose of most Beni art and for whom was it produced? 25. For what is Great Zimbabwe famous? Where roughly is it located? 26. Who were the Afrikaners? What two discoveries brought many Europeans to South Africa? a. b. 27. List six cultures that practiced slavery: a.___________________ b.__________________ c._________________ d.___________________ e.__________________ f._________________ When was the salver trade abolished by the British?________ When was slavery abolished in the United States?_______ in Brazil? ________ 28. What is the African significance of an equestrian portrait? 29. What was the purpose of the International African Association established in Brussels in 1876 by King Leopold? 30. Why are there so many objects from the Royal Benin Court in the British museums? SELF QUIZ Write the information requested for each image looking only at the thumbnail or enlarged image . When you have finished check your answers by consulting the appropriate "info" page. Give yourself 10% for every correct answer. #10: STYLE/CULTURE: ______________________________________ #31: CULTURE/COUNTRY: _____________________________________ #35: CULTURE/STYLE:___________________________________ #50: TITLE (WHO IS REPRESENTED): ______________________________________ #29: CULTURE/STYLE: ___________________________________________ #45: CULTURE/STYLE: ______________________________________ #61: CULTURE/STYLE: _________________________________ #60: STYLE: _________________________________________ #41R: STYLE: _________________________________ #69: SITE: _________________________________ DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1. Discuss the influence of African sculpture on European artists in the early 20th century. What do you think appealed to them about the African forms? Select from #1a.afr01c11, #1b.mod0c08, #1c.afr011c1, #1d.afr01c42, #1e.afr02c77, #1f.afr00c14, #1g.afr03c74, #1h.afr021c0. Select one that you particularly like and explain what you like about it. 2. Explain the relationship between Egypt and ancient Nubia, selecting from the following: #2a.afr05c04, #2b.egy03c49, #2c.afr05c14, #2d.bla01c01, #2e.afr05c23, #2f.afr05c25, #2g.afr05c39. 3. How did "village" art like that of the Dogon differ from the art of Benin? What influence might the village animist tradition have had on the Sudanese mosques of Mali? Select from #3a.afr02c87, #3b.afr04c47, #3c.bla02c01, #3d.afr04011, #3e.afr04c69, #3f.afr04c71, and #3g.afr04c68. 4. What can you deduce regarding the position of women in different parts of Africa based on the following images: #4a.afr04c47, #4b.afr04c32, #4c.afr01c99, #4d.egy03c49, #4e.afr05c78, #4g.afr04c09, #4h.afr01c57, and #4i.afr02c70. 5. Do you think that the articles taken from the Royal Court of Benin in 1897 should be returned to Africa?. Do you think that the pieces that were excavated by Westerners and Africans in Nubia, but that now reside in European and American museums should be returned? Give arguments that could be made on both sides, and then state your conclusions in each case. Use #5a.afr05c23 and #5b.afr02046 plus any others you may wish to utilize.


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