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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Pazuzu. Demon king of evil wind.   SUMERIAN Anonymous     c. 2900 BCE-2600 BCE 
Demon head. Hunbaba. Southwest wind brings fever.   NEO-SUMERIAN Anonymous   Terracotta  2112 BCE -1600 BCE 
Mask of the demon Huwawa (Humbaba).   WARAD-MARDUK   Clay  c. 1800 BCE-1600 BCE 
Winged demon.   PHOENICIAN Anonymous     c. 1000 BCE 
Head of Pazuzu.   BABYLONIAN Anonymous   Stone  c. 800 BCE-500 BCE 
Head of Marduk.   NEO-BABYLONIAN Anonymous   Stone  c. 800 BCE-600 BCE 
Khorsabad. Palace of Sargon II. Guardian bull.   NEO-ASSYRIAN Anonymous     c.721 BCE-705 BCE 
Nimrud. Palace of King Ashurnasirpal II. Genies pollinating Tree of Life.   NEO-ASSYRIAN Anonymous     c.883-859 BCE 
Protective house gods: detail of a Ugallu (great lion).   NEO-ASSYRIAN Anonymous   Limestone  c. 645 BCE-635 BCE 
Bes.   CYPRO-PHOENICIAN Anonymous     c. 499 BCE-400 BCE 
Male mask.   CARTHAGINIAN Anonymous   Terracotta  c. 399 BCE-375 BCE 
Demon mask.   PHOENICIAN Anonymous   Terracotta  c. 199 BCE-100 BCE 
First Book of Breathing from Papyrus of Kerasher.   EGYPTIAN LATE PERIOD Anonymous   Pigment on Papyrus  30 BCE-14 CE 
Bowl with Aramaic Inscription Surrounding a Demon.   SASSANIAN Anonymous   Earthenware; pigment  500-700 
Demon with a skull.   SASSANIAN Anonymous   Stucco  100-600 
Shiva Killing Elephant Demon Gajasura.   HINDU DYNASTIES Anonymous     c. 901-999 
Elephanta. Shiva Temple. Shiva as Bhairava killing   POST-GUPTA Anonymous   Rock  c. 700-800 
Siva & Parvati enthroned; Demon Ravana.   CHOLA DYNASTY Anonymous     11 c 
Durga Killing Buffalo Demon.   BENGAL Anonymous   Stone  c. 1001-1099 
Angkor Wat. Souls in Hell. Boiled in a vessel.   KHMER (ANGKOREAN) Anonymous     c. 1100-1199 
Angkor Wat. Souls being taken to Hell (slave chain).   KHMER (ANGKOREAN) Anonymous     c. 1100-1199 
Angkor Wat. Soul being tortured in Hell (tied).   KHMER (ANGKOREAN) Anonymous     c. 1100-1199 
Angkor Wat. South Gallery. Scenes of Hell. Torture of Sinners.   KHMER (ANGKOREAN) Anonymous     c. 1150-1199 
Angkor Thom. South Gate. Churning the Sea of Milk. Naga with Demons.   KHMER (ANGKOREAN) Anonymous     c. 1181-1200 
Angkor Thom. South Gate. Churning the Sea of Milk. Detail Demon.   KHMER (ANGKOREAN) Anonymous     c. 1181-1200 

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