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Cover thumbnail for CA 10.3 Effects of the Industrial Revolution CA 10.3 Effects of the Industrial Revolution

Students analyze the effects of the Industrial Revolution in England, France, Germany, Japan, and the United States and examine how scientific and technological changes and hew forms of energy brought about massive social, economic, and cultural change.

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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Sovereigns of the World (Queen Victoria Napoleon III & Eugenia).   TOYOHARA CHIKANOBU     1879 
Book on celebrated sites of the world for Japanese market.America.   UTAGAWA Yoshitora     1862 
Book on celebrated sites of the world for Japanese market.Paris.   UTAGAWA Yoshitora     1862 
Spinning jenny.   BRITISH Anonymous     1769 
The New York Stock Exchange.   NEVINSON Christopher Richard Wynne     1921 
Manchester Valley.   PICKETT Joseph     1914-1918 
Police Station with Unemployed in Panic of 1873.   HOMER Winslow     1873 
Phonograph; Incandescent light.   EDISON Thomas Alva     1877;1897 
Andrew Carnegie(1835-1919.   AMERICAN Anonymous     c. 1880-1919 
Night Around the Mills.   GARSON Aaron H.     c. 1892-1893 
Pittsburgh Fifty Years Ago from the Saltworks on Sawmill River.   SMITH Russell     c. 1834-1884 
Coal Carrier.   BLYTHE David Gilmour     c. 1852-1856 
Poughkeepsie Iron Works.   GARMLENKE John Herman     1850 
Levee New Orleans.   CURRIER AND IVES     c. 1860-1869 
Sugar Harvest in Louisiana.   AMERICAN Anonymous     1875 
Immigrants: the Flow.   SZANTO Karoly     1952-1956 
Clipper Ship Trade 1840's-1860's. Spices & Silk.   AMERICAN Anonymous     1840-1870 
Trade & Commerce in Manhattan. 1790   SZANTO Karoly     1952-1956 
Thomas Edison (1847-1931) with Phonograph; Incandescent light; Motion pictures.   ANDERSON Abraham Archibald     1889 
New York; Hester Street.   AMERICAN Anonymous     1898 
Louis Pasteur. Detail.   EDELFELT Albert Gustaf Aristides     1885 
Victorian Tub & Flushing Toilet.   FRANTON H.W.     c. 1900 
Bessamer converter for steel making.   GERMAN Anonymous     1874 
New England textile mill.   AMERICAN Anonymous     1819 
Textile Mill with factory Women.   DANISH Anonymous     c. 1900 

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