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Trace the evolution of language and its written forms.

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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Cuneiform letter & an envelope.   ASSYRIAN EARLY COLONY PERIOD Anonymous (1920 BCE-1740 BCE)     c. 1850 BCE 
Merchant letter & envelope.   ASSYRIAN Anonymous     c. 1900 BCE 
Multiplication tables board in setagesimal system (60s).   BABYLONIAN Anonymous   Earthenware  1900 BCE-1600 BCE 
Tablet with school text.   NEO-SUMERIAN Anonymous     c. 1800 BCE 
Boundary stone.   BABYLONIAN Anonymous   Stone  c. 990 BCE 
Clay Tablets.   CYPRO-MINOAN Anonymous   Earthenware  c. 1600 BCE-1400 BCE 
Dead Sea Scrolls.Fragment from Enoch.   JUDAIC Anonymous     200 BCE-100 BCE 
Letter from Mitanni to Amenhotep III negotiating marriage.   BABYLONIAN Anonymous   Earthenware  c. 1350 BCE 
Akkadian cylinder seal.   AKKADIAN Anonymous   Stone  c. 2100 BCE 
Orthostate with Inscription of Prince Kilamuwa.   NEO-HITTITE Anonymous   Stone  c. 799 BCE-700 BCE 
Round Seals from Uruk and Modern Impressions.   SUMERIAN Anonymous   Stone  c. 3000 BCE 
Phaistos Disk.   MINOAN Anonymous   Earthenware  1700 BCE-1450 BCE 
Tablet & envelope.   SUMERIAN Anonymous   Terracotta  2900 BCE-2600 BCE 
Tablet of Ur-Nammu (Temple of Innana at Uruk) and Tablet of Shulgi (Temple of Di   SUMERIAN Anonymous   Earthenware  c. 2112 BCE-2047 BCE 
Tablet with inscriptions & geometric shape.   SUMERIAN Anonymous     c. 3000 BCE-2000 BCE 
Planisphere.   NEO-ASSYRIAN Anonymous   Clay  c. 668 BCE-627 BCE 
Mathematics tablet showing calculations of volume.   OLD BABYLONIAN Anonymous   Clay  c. 1900 BCE-1700 BCE 
Tomb of Seti I (1294-1279 BCE).Litany of the eyes of Horus.   EGYPTIAN NEW KINGDOM Anonymous   Stone; pigment  1294 BCE-1279 BCE 
Funerary Papyrus of King's Scribe Hunefer.   EGYPTIAN NEW KINGDOM Anonymous   Pigment on Papyrus  c. 1200 BCE 
Rosetta Stone.   EGYPTIAN LATE PERIOD Anonymous   Basalt  c. 220 BCE-180 BCE 
Tombstone with Hebrew inscription.   JUDEO-FRENCH Anonymous     c. 1275-1299 
Writing Slate.   ROMANO-GERMAN Anonymous     c. 1-300 
Copy of Inscription of Xerxes at Mt. Alvand near Hiamadan.   RAWLINSON Sir Henry Creswicke     1835 
Table of Phonetic Signs.   CHAMPOLLION Jean François     c. 1825-1832 
Evolution of the Phoenician Alphabet.   PHOENICIAN Anonymous     c. 1400 BCE-400 BCE 

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