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Cover thumbnail for CA 10.3.7 From Classicism to Romanticism CA 10.3.7 From Classicism to Romanticism

Students describe the emergence of Romaniticism in art and literature (e.g., the poetry of William Blake and William Wordsworth), social criticism (e.g. the novels of Charles Dickens), and the move away from Classicism in Europe.

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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Paris. Arc de Triomphe.   CHALGRIN Jean François Therese     1806-1836 
Arc de Triomphe.Napoleon's Campaign in Algeria.   NEOCLASSICAL Anonymous     c. 1805 
Arc de Triumphe.Crowning of Napoleon.   FRENCH NEOCLASSIC Anonymous     c. 1806-1836 
Paris. Arc de Triomphe. Detail: La Marseillaise (Departure of the Vo   RUDE François   Stone  1833-1836 
Coronation of Napoleon & Josephine.   DAVID Jacques Louis   Oil on Canvas  1805-1807 
Coronation of Napoleon & Josephine. Detail: Center.   DAVID Jacques Louis   Oil on Canvas  1805-1807 
Napoleon Bonaparte at the Pass of St Bernard.   DAVID Jacques Louis     1801 
Napoleon as Heroic Nude.   CANOVA Antonio     c. 1777-1822 
Emperor Napoleon in His Study at the Tuileries.   DAVID Jacques Louis   Oil; Canvas  1812 
George Washington.   HOUDON Jean-Antoine     1788 
George Washington as Emperor.   CERACCHI Giuseppe     1792 
George Washington.   GREENOUGH Horatio     1840 
Ugolino and His Sons.   CARPEAUX Jean-Baptiste   Painted plaster  1857-1861 
Pourquoi Naitre Esclave.   CARPEAUX Jean-Baptiste   Marble  1869 
Bust of Josephine.   BOSIO François Joseph     c. 1800-1810 
Marie Antoinette.   VANLOO Carle     18 c 
Marie Antoinette on the way to her Execution.   DAVID Jacques Louis   Brown Ink on Paper  1793 
Young Orphan at the Cemetery.   DELACROIX Eugène     1824 
Portrait of the artist's sister.   GONZALES Eva     c. 1870-1883 
Mlle Charlotte du val D'ognes.   VILLERS Marie Denise   Oil on canvas  c. 1800-1815 
Odalisque.   DELACROIX Eugène     c.1825 
Napoleon at Elau.   GROS Antoine Jean     c. 1807 
Napoleon at Elau. Detail: corpses.   GROS Antoine Jean     1808 
Apotheosis of War.   Vereshagin Alexander   Oil on Canvas  1880-1889 
Ivan the Terrible Killing his Son. Detail.   Repin Iljia Efimovic   Oil on Canvas  1885 

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