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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Apsara   HEIAN Anonymous   wood on wood  11 c 
Pagon Chorton. Avalokiteshvasa (Chenrezig) or Za Yum. Mother of the planets.   TIBETAN Anonymous     1400-1800 
Avalokitesvara (Boddhisattva of mercy)   SONG DYNASTY Anonymous     c. 1100-1200 
Brahmani. From Kanchipuram.   CHOLA DYNASTY Anonymous   Bronze  9 c 
Chamuda   CHOLA DYNASTY Anonymous     10 c 
Cirharateotle becoming the terrible goddess Tlazolteotl   AZTEC Anonymous     c. 1400-1500 
Coatlicue. Goddess of earth & life & death.   AZTEC Anonymous     c. 1400-1500 
Coyolxauhqui. Moon goddess.   AZTEC Anonymous     c. 1400-1500 
Echternach Gospel Cover. Crucifixion.   OTTONIAN Anonymous   Ivory on Ivory  985-990 
Eleven headed Kanchon (Ekodasamukla)   KAMAKURA Anonymous     1333-1392 
Ganga (river goddess) with Siva.   POST-GUPTA Anonymous     10 c 
German-Rhenish pieta.   GERMAN GOTHIC Anonymous     last 1/4 14 c 
Goddess Tlazolteotl Giving Birth to the Sun   AZTEC Anonymous     c. 1400-1500 
Jokhang Monastery. Goddess. Guardian of the law.   TIBETAN Anonymous     c. 600-699 
Guardian of the north with earth goddess   HEIAN Anonymous   Wood  c. 975-999 
Kilpeck church.Shiela-na-gig   CELTIC Anonymous     c. 1100-1200 
Shiva and Parvati with Nandi.   CHANDELLA DYNASTY Anonymous     700-900 
Bhubaneshwar. Raja Rami Temple Detail of Naja queen.   INDIAN Anonymous   Limestone  11 c 
Regensburg. Minorite Church. Sacrifice of Isaac. Window.   GERMAN GOTHIC Anonymous   Glass on Glass  c. 1360 
Seven Mother Goddesses (Septa Matrikos)   HINDU DYNASTIES Anonymous     9 c 
Shiva and Parvati.   CHANDELLA DYNASTY Anonymous     900-1000 
Snake-woman goddess of agriculture & water & fertility   MEXICAN Anonymous     1000-1500 
Tavant. St. Nicholas . Crypt. . Luxuria (Lust).   FRENCH ROMANESQUE Anonymous   Pigment  1125-1150 
Elephanta. Temple of Shiva. Androgynous Shiva (Ardhanarishvara).   POST-GUPTA Anonymous     c. 700-800 
Virgin & child. Fresco.   COPTIC Anonymous   Fresco  c. 500-600 

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