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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Achiyatatopa attached to morning star.   ZUNI Anonymous   Wood on wood  1800-1999 
Amphora. Oedipus and the Sphinx   GREEK RED-FIGURE Anonymous   Earthenware  4 c BCE 
Amulet. Astarte   CANAANITE Anonymous     1500 BCE -1250 BCE 
Apsara   HEIAN Anonymous   wood on wood  11 c 
Astarte   NEO-BABYLONIAN Anonymous   Alabaster  300 BCE -100 BCE 
Pagon Chorton. Avalokiteshvasa (Chenrezig) or Za Yum. Mother of the planets.   TIBETAN Anonymous     1400-1800 
Avalokitesvara (Boddhisattva of mercy)   SONG DYNASTY Anonymous     c. 1100-1200 
Birth of the Buddha   KUSHAN DYNASTY Anonymous   Stone  100-400 
Brahmani. From Kanchipuram.   CHOLA DYNASTY Anonymous   Bronze  9 c 
Cannibalistic woman.   NEW HEBRIDES Anonymous     1800-1999 
Chamuda   CHOLA DYNASTY Anonymous     10 c 
Chartres cathedral.Druid altar. Mother goddess. Drawing.   FRENCH Anonymous     1500-1700 
Cirencester Triculinium.Mosaic floor . Ceres. Summer.   ROMAN Anonymous   Mosaic  100-300 
Cirharateotle becoming the terrible goddess Tlazolteotl   AZTEC Anonymous     c. 1400-1500 
Coatlicue. Goddess of earth & life & death.   AZTEC Anonymous     c. 1400-1500 
Column with Attis   ROMAN IMPERIAL Anonymous   Marble  100-300 
Corinthian plate   CORINTHIAN Anonymous   Earthenware  c. 590 BCE 
Corn maiden headdress. Palahiko.   HOPI Anonymous     1800-1999 
Coyolxauhqui. Moon goddess.   AZTEC Anonymous     c. 1400-1500 
Hekateion. Votive column of triple-bodied Hecate with dancing Charites.   GREEK HELLENISTIC Anonymous   Marble  c. 299 BCE-200 BCE 
Cybele   ROMAN IMPERIAL Anonymous   Marble  100-300 
Dakini. Creator & destroyer in the graveyard.   NEPALESE Anonymous     c. 1800-1899 
Dakini White Tara   TIBETAN Anonymous     1400-1800 
Dance mask. Rangda. Queen of the witches   BALINESE Anonymous   wood; hemp  20 c 
Demeter & Kore & Triptolemis   GREEK CLASSICAL Anonymous     c. 440 BCE -430 BCE 

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