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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
San Vitale.Justinian's Soldiers.   EARLY BYZANTINE Anonymous     c. 547 
Hagia Sophia.South Gallery. Emperor John II Commenus.   MIDDLE BYZANTINE Anonymous     c. 1100-1200 
St. Stephen Preaching in Jerusalem. Detail: Jewish women.   CARPACCIO Vittore     c. 1490-1526 
Offering of the Heart.   NETHERLANDISH GOTHIC Anonymous     c. 1400-1410 
Saint Martha with Flagellants.   FRENCH GOTHIC Anonymous     c.1450-1500 
Milan. S. Lorenzo Maggiore. St. Helena with cross.   ITALIAN ROMANESQUE Anonymous     12 c 
SS. Genesa & Giocchio.   CRIVELLI Vittori     late 15 c 
Altarpiece of San Antonio.Two Saints.   VIVARINI Antonio     1469 
Holy woman from entombment.   NETHERLANDISH GOTHIC Anonymous     c. 1500-1520 
Albe. Clerical Garment.   ITALIAN ROMANESQUE Anonymous     c. 1150 
Surcoat for knight.   FRENCH GOTHIC Anonymous     c. 1350-1399 
Temptress. Apocalypse of Angers.   BATILLE Nicolas     c. 1381 
Allegory of Life & Death. Detail: Lovers.   FLEMISH Anonymous     c. 1480 
Portrait of a Lady.   FRANCO-FLEMISH Anonymous     1450-1500 
Scenes from Life of St. Catherine. Detail.   BERRUGUETE Pedro     1497 
Monks at the Door of a Mosque.   VERESHCHAGIN Vasily     c. 1865-1900 
Caftan of Sultan Ahmed I.   OTTOMAN Anonymous     1603-1617 
Empress Cunegonde?.   GERMAN GOTHIC Anonymous     c. 1260 
Old Man who resembles St. Ivan of Rila.   COHEN Kathleen     2002 
Swedish Milkmaid with Butterchurn.   COHEN Kathleen     2002 
Russian 16th c Soldiers. Modern Reenactment.   COHEN Kathleen     2004 
Russian 16th c Boyars. Reenactment.   COHEN Kathleen     2004 
Mir Sayyit alim Kahn (1911-1920)   PROKUDIN-GORSKII S.M.     c. 1911 
Works of Mercy. Detail.   BRUEGHEL Pieter the younger   Oil on canvas  c.1600-1650 
Portrait of Yakov Turgenev.   TURGENEV Jacob   Canvas  1695 

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