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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Tablet & envelope.   SUMERIAN Anonymous   Terracotta  2900 BCE-2600 BCE 
Offering bearers.   EGYPTIAN MIDDLE KINGDOM Anonymous   Wood  c. 2000 BCE 
Trading letters.   BABYLONIAN Anonymous   Terracotta  c. 1750 BCE 
Tomb of Scribe Ounsou. Shipping grain.   EGYPTIAN XVIII DYNASTY Anonymous     1570 BCE-1293 BCE 
Tomb of Sennefer. Funeral Procession.   EGYPTIAN XVIII DYNASTY Anonymous     c. 1550 BCE-1200 BCE 
African Products. Tribute to King: Gold; Ebony; Baboons; etc   EGYPTIAN XVIII DYNASTY Anonymous     c. 1400 BCE 
Tomb of Sebekhotep. African tribute bearers offering gold.   EGYPTIAN XVIII DYNASTY Anonymous   Painted plaster  c. 1400 BCE 
Tribute from expedition by Rameses II into Lower Nubia. copy   EGYPTIAN NEW KINGDOM Anonymous     c. 1297 BCE-1213 BCE 
Khorsabad. Palace of Sargon II..Soldiers pulling a boat.   NEO-ASSYRIAN Anonymous     c.721 BCE-705 BCE 
Trade routes of Hopewell Indians. 200 BCE-800 CE.   HOPEWELL Anonymous     c. 200 BCE-800 CE 
Shop sign for fortune-teller: Owl crushing a mouse.   ROMAN IMPERIAL Anonymous     c. 20 BCE-50 CE 
Lead packing slips.   ROMAN PROVINCIAL Anonymous   Lead  c. 20 BCE-50 CE 
Stele. Merchant with scales.   NEO-ASSYRIAN Anonymous     8 c BCE 
Funeral monument. Merchant shipping wine.   GALLO-ROMAN Anonymous     1-99 
Building the ship Argo.   ROMAN Anonymous   Ceramic  c. 1-99 
Stele. Wine merchant with measuring cups.   GALLO-ROMAN Anonymous     c. 1-300 
Potter and his patron.   ROMAN Anonymous   stone  1-300 
A baker.   POMPEIAN FOURTH STYLE Anonymous     c. 55-79 
Sarcophagus of a shoemaker.   ROMAN IMPERIAL Anonymous   stone  c. 100-199 
Jewelry shop.   GALLO-ROMAN Anonymous   stone  c. 100-300 
Sign for a brothel?   ROMAN PROVINCIAL Anonymous     c. 100-399 
Trajan's Market.   ROMAN IMPERIAL Anonymous   stone  Begun 113 
Trajan's Market.   APOLLODORUS OF DAMASCUS   stone  Begun 113 
Butcher shop relief.   ROMAN Anonymous     c. 150-199 
Sarcophagus. Detail: Horse turning a millstone.   ROMAN Anonymous     c. 200-299 

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