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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Sites of early man   PALEOLITHIC Anonymous     c. 250,000 BCE-40000 BCE 
Australopithecus afarensis: Lucy.   AUSTRALOPITHECUS Anonymous     2,300,000 BCE-1,800,000 BCE 
Australopithecus afarensis: Lucy. Skeleton.   AUSTRALOPITHECUS Anonymous   Bone  2,300,000 BCE-1,800,000 BCE 
Australopithicus Group. Dioroma.   PALEOLITHIC Anonymous   Mixed media  c. 800000 BCE 
Illustration of early humans leaving footprints.   AUSTRALOPITHECUS Anonymous   Pigment  c. 3,600,000 BCE 
Cast of early human footprints.   AUSTRALOPITHECUS Anonymous     3,600,000 BCE 
Australopithecus afarensis: Lucy. Reconstruction drawing.   AUSTRALOPITHECUS Anonymous     c. 1950-2000 
Life in Africa during prehistoric times.   NABOLA Amack     c. 1984-1999 
Flaked stone tools.   PALEOLITHIC Anonymous   Stone  2,500,000 BCE 
Stone tools.   PALEOLITHIC Anonymous   Stone  2,500,000 BCE 
African Products. Tribute to King: Gold; Ebony; Baboons; etc   EGYPTIAN XVIII DYNASTY Anonymous     c. 1400 BCE 
Tribute from expedition by Rameses II into Lower Nubia. copy   EGYPTIAN NEW KINGDOM Anonymous     c. 1297 BCE-1213 BCE 
Tomb of Masahiti Assints. Nubian Regiment of Infantry.   EGYPTIAN MIDDLE KINGDOM Anonymous   Wood  c. 2040 BCE-1640 BCE 
African Holding a Scroll.   GREEK HELLENISTIC Anonymous   Terracotta  300 BCE-200 BCE 
African Youth.   ROMAN Anonymous   Bronze  c. 1-299 
Head of Ethiopian philospher Mannon.   ROMAN IMPERIAL Anonymous     160-170 
Dido Abandonned by Aeneas with Personification of Africa.   ROMAN IMPERIAL Anonymous     c. 100 BCE-79 CE 
Insularium Illustratum.Map of the Mediterranean.   MARTELLUS Henricus     1484 
Queen of Sheba on the Way to Jerusalem.   E.T.T.C.     1986 
Bringing the Ark of the Covenant to Axum.   ETHIOPIAN GONDARINE Anonymous     c. 1600-1700 
Meeting of Solomon and Sheba.   E.T.T.C.     1985 
Falasha Village.House with frescos and souvenirs.   ETHIOPIAN JUDAIC Anonymous     1990-2005 
Falasha Village.Synagogue window with star of David.   ETHIOPIAN JUDAIC Anonymous     2005 
East African Trade Routes.   EAST AFRICAN Anonymous     c. 1900-1999 
Dhow routes in the Indian Ocean.   ZANZIBARI Anonymous   Ink on paper  c. 1800-1960 

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